Thursday, 9 July 2009

I'm listening to The Mars Volta for the first time in ages...

... which has nothing to do with this post really. Just checking in. Apologies for the inconsistancy in my posts recently, I doubt anyone noticed but i try to post the new sections of my stories every four days. My tendency for perfectionism showing through. Or is it OCD? I don't particularly know (or care).

Anyway, I've been trying to infiltrate a terrorist stronghold off the coast of Alaska, and the genetic super-soldiers within said stronghold have been causing me some bother, preventing me from posting on my blog. Or, my internet wasn't working. Which ever is more believable.

Been replaying Final Fantasy VII, hence the classic review. That game never gets old! When the prospect of spending time leveling up is actually something you look forward to, you know you've got a good RPG. Or a dangerous obsession. I've just arrived at Cosmo Canyon, for the FF fans out there, and am about to take on the dreaded caves. Shouldn't be too hard though, my characters are pretty tough. I always level up Aeris primarily, cos otherwise you can't get all her limit breaks, before the second disk (for anyone who hasn't played the game, I won't spoil why that is).

I got a guidebook for FFVII a while ago, I don't use guidebooks on the first time with games but I like having it there on the second play through, just to find all the secrets and stuff. However, I wouldn't recommend this particular book, as it has some glaring errors and sloppy mistakes, e.g. claiming that it is impossible to unlock Aeris' final limit break before disk 2, which any FAQ worth its weight in gil (gold for non-FF freaks) will show to be a falsehood. So don't get the Bradygames guide for FFVII, save some money and find one online, there are tons of good ones. The Piggyback guides for the other FF games are much better on the other hand.

That's enough FF talk for one post I think. Here's a little challenge for you. I rang my grandma this evening and had a chat with her, and she really appreciated it. I don't wanna be patronising but I think older people deserve our interest and time, and I don't think they get enough of either. I'm speaking to myself as much as to anyone else. So your task is to ring/visit/write to your grandma/grandad/grandparents/random older person you know, and if you already do those things on a regular basis, well done! Let me know how it goes.

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