Monday, 6 July 2009

Streets of Rage is amazing, but is it better than Mario Kart?

I'm at my friend's house watching my girlfriend play on the Wii. As stated above, I'm currently enjoying the garish colours and synth tones of a certain megadrive game that involves walking sideways and beating people up.

Went to my friend's wedding on Saturday, which was really nice, congrats John and Sophie. In contrast to last week (during which I worked constantly at my part-time job) I've got fairly few shifts this week, so I'm enjoying a bit of time off at the mo.

I've learnt today that compared to most other people in the world, I suck at Mario Kart. I swear that game is simultaneously the best, and most frustrating game ever. It's definitely the game that has caused the most arguments in my experience, because everyone who plays it has invested a large part of their childhood into it, therefore making a loss even more painful and humiliating. But on the flip-side, it's completely different when you win, even if it was all down to a random blue shell.

Hope the stories and reviews are being enjoyed by all, I'm currently writing a sci/fi noir story, will post it when it's finished.

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