Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside... when it's not raining

It's nice to sit inside and watch the rain, warm and dry. It's not so nice knowing you've gotta go out in it in a short while.

I went to Bournemouth yesterday and was blessed with quite nice weather down by the sea, although it was a little bit cold and windy. I went with Lauren and my mates Matt and James, the latter of which frequents Bournemouth regularly as he is at Moorlands Bible College not far away. We stopped in there on the way back, which was interesting. James writes a blog about spiritual ponderings called 'Duffy's Deliberations'. It's in my favourite sites section, check it out.

Of course the reason we could go to Bournemouth was that Lauren's car is now back on the road after a year. She was a little nervous about driving again but got back into it really quickly. Just like riding a bike really.

Got a new review to post, which will be on shortly. Just got to cross the 't's and dot the lower-case 'j's.


  1. Is that from waynes world?

  2. Yes! Well spotted. With my help, you could be the best.