Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What a day...

I'm shattered! It's been a long day today. Stupid phrase, every day is the same length. What I should say is, "my perception is this day has led me to feel that it as been longer than usual." But that's just a bit of a mouthful isn't it?

My work experience is still going really well but things were hectic in the office today, so I had to work extra hard to keep up. Plus the tube strikes start tonight (God bless you TFL) so my journey home was sweaty, confined and uncomfortable. And there was a massive beast of an insect (it looked like a moth) that kept threatening to fly in my face on the train, and being crammed in I couldn't do anything to stop in buzzing at me! Oh well.

So tomorrow morning I shall be up at 6.30ish and getting the bus at 7.30, which will make its way slowly to Oxford Circus. Gonna take my laptop with me and continue a story I'm writing for a competition if I get there super-early. Going to a book launch after work, lets hope it's fun!

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