Thursday, 20 May 2010

The end has arrived!

As of today, I have unofficially finished my university degree! I handed in my last essay this morning, just gotta wait and see what marks I get. Hopefully good ones! It's a little bit surreal. Hasn't really sunk in yet that after three years of uni (four if you count my year doing Sociology and Criminology - worst course ever), it's all finished. And I've gotta find a job now, and be a real person!

This week has been an interesting one so far. Started off well on Monday, I'd done over half of my essay and the rest was well planned out. However, for reasons I've yet to ascertain, I spent Monday night/Tuesday morning worshipping 'the porcelain throne'. The culprits could be either a dodgy chili, essay stress, the fact that I drank a copious amount of Pepsi with my dinner, or a combination of the three! I spent most of Tuesday sleeping, playing PS3 and feeling sorry for myself (sigh, get the violins out).

However, I felt much better on Tuesday and was able to finish off my Post War American Writing essay with minimal stress. I think it was quite a good one, well I hope and pray it was! I chose to write about the importance of the outsider figure to American identity, using Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club to demonstrate the argument. I thought it would be really difficult to find secondary material on Fight Club, but there were actually some really useful journal articles online. I didn't get a good mark in my earlier Post War American Writing essay (not many people did apparently), so there's a lot riding on this one!

Having handed in my final essay, there was one inevitable thing that was going to occur today. After over a month of waiting, the moment has arrived...Final Fantasy XIII has been played! By me! I'm enjoying it so far, the graphics are amazing, the story-line is involving, and the battle system is actually quite fun, while being a complete departure from the ones of the past games. Some of the characters are a little bit annoying, like soppy Hope and over-enthusiastic Vanille, and the game feels very linear at the beginning, not much scope for customisation or any side quests so far. But it's still really good, worth continuing with until the choices open up a bit more.

I've really been RPG-ing it up this month, as I bought Fallout 3 the other day. It's an awesome game, and a nice change to the FF-style RPGs that I'm used to. However, in my opinion, it's strongest feature is also it's biggest weakness. Fallout 3 is a BIG game, with almost limitless permeations of how it can be played. This is really cool, as it means you definitely get your money's worth (especially if you get the Game of the Year edition with the DLC included), but it left me feeling a little bit lost to start with and forced me to wander around aimlessly before I got to grips with the game. It's really fun though, great mix of first-person shooter and RPG elements.

Managed to persuade my housemate and Lauren to watch The Usual Suspects the other day. And, as I knew they would, they enjoyed it very much! They should listen to my film recommendations more often. Watched Kick-ass and Iron Man 2 at the cinema recently, both of which I enjoyed, but the former was better than the latter. Kick-ass was really original and superbly shot, but was a little bit lazy with the humour at some points. There are cleverer ways to make people laugh than having a pre-pubescent girl cursing like a trooper. Iron Man 2 was good, but lacked a little bit of sparkle. I think the first one was a fair bit better.

So it's gonna be a lazy day tomorrow, with much Final Fantasy to be played. However, I don't wanna rub it in Lauren's face that I've finished my uni work MUCH MUCH EARLIER than her. So I guess I'll be looking for a job...any ideas?

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