Monday, 19 March 2012

Resolutions - my next step towards self-publishing

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As I mentioned in a recent post, self-publishing is a new goal I'm working towards. However, if I'm going to stick an ebook on Amazon or Smashwords, I need to have written a book first! I do have some plans for a novel, or possibly series of novels, but that's still in the early planning stage at the moment. Don't despair though; I have been doing something productive – redrafting my short story collection, Resolutions.

Resolutions is a collection of science fiction short stories which I wrote during my university degree. 10,000 words in length, the collection is love-letter to my favourite genre, with the main theme being the manner in which stories are concluded. As well as being a work of science fiction, the collection also contains elements of cyberpunk, body horror and neo-noir, along with some postmodern narrative structures.

Why have I chosen to publish this particular piece of work? Firstly, I really enjoyed writing these stories, and without being too arrogant, think they're actually quite good. Secondly, the collection is a fairly short piece, so redrafting it isn't taking me too long to do. Finally, as I'm taking my first infant steps into the world of digital self-publishing, redrafting, formatting and promoting Resolutions will be a really useful learning experience.

Think you might enjoy Resolutions? Have a taste and see what you think. I've posted some early drafts of a few of the stories in the collection – have a read and let me know your opinions!

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