Thursday, 9 June 2011

What do you do when you think God's got it wrong?

An interesting response to the recent debate sparked by Rob Bell's book, 'Love Wins'.


  1. Its its great to be careful with our interpretation of the scripture. On the other hand if we let God fully ravish us with his endless love, us putting all hesitation aside, we will find ourselves so overwhelmed that, that any tip- toeing around with scriptures makes no more sense .

  2. I can really agree with the point he is making in this video. I know that up until a few days ago I had a very firm belief that God followed rules that made sense to me. Just recently I realized that maybe I am the one that is in the wrong. I for one can't wait to read Erasing Hell.

  3. That's a really honest response Mike - really appreciate it! It is a very humbling video, makes you reconsider how much stock we place in your own reasoning, over God's omniscience.